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Looking to migrate to Australia but wondering if there is an age limit? Australia has specific age limits for different Migration Programs, and understanding these requirements can help you plan your immigration journey effectively.

The age limits for migration programs in Australia 

First of all, it is important to understand the migration programs available in Australia, its visa subclasses and how they work in general:

  • Skilled Migration Program under which there are:
  • General skilled migration visas (GSM)
    • Subclass 189 (Permanent Skilled Independent Visa)
    • Subclass 190 (Permanent Skilled Nominated visa)
    • Subclass 491 (Temporary Skilled Work Regional visa)
  • Employer Migration Visas
    • Subclass 482 (Temporary Sponsorship visa)
    • Subclass 494 (Temporary Regional Sponsorship Visa)
    • Subclass 186 (Permanent  Employer Nomination Visa)

Age limit to migrate to Australia via the General Skilled Migration Visas

The age limit to apply for one of the General Skilled Migration Visas is 45 years of age, and unfortunately, there are no exceptions. 

If you have already submitted your Expression of Interest and you are waiting for an invitation, and your birthday comes up and you turn 45, unfortunately, you are not eligible anymore. The day you turn 45, SkillsSelect sends you an automated email saying that your EOI has been discontinued.

Age limit to migrate to Australia via the Employer Migration Visas 

Age requirements for Employer Visas are a little bit different: there are no age limits when it comes to the 482 Temporary Skills Shortage (Sponsorship) Visa. However, if you are over 45, you will not be able to progress to a Permanent Employer Visa 186 down the track – only in very limited circumstances.

These limited circumstances are prescribed in a legal instrument, where there are a few cases when people could apply under an age exception: some doctors, certain academic workers, researchers, professors, scientists, certain New Zealand citizens, and people who are sponsored for at least three years on a 482 Visa, earning what is called the Fair Work High Income Threshold, which at the time of writing, Financial Year 2023, is AUD$160,000.00 a year.. 

The Regional Sponsorship Visa 494, even though it is a temporary Visa, also has an age limit of 45 years old. But, those same exceptions apply here.

However, in both cases, please do not count on that, as the chances are very small.

Are there any other visas to Migrate to Australia for people over 45?

The good news is, yes! 

And the bad news is: it is not for everyone. 

Investor Visa Program

In the Investor Visa Program, the age limit is 55 years. However, this visa is focused on people who can invest from a million to five million dollars in the country, and in some cases, have a history of being professional investors or business owners.

Global Talent Visa 

The Global Talent Visa also has a maximum of 55 years of age when applying. But, as mentioned before, this Visa is not for everyone.

Some of the requirements to apply for a Global Talent Visa include being a highly skilled professional or PhD Graduate with international distinction and recognition in one of the future-focused fields targeted by the government, and attracting a salary at or above the Fair Work high-income threshold – currently AUD160,000.00 per year.

Our (sincere) advice 

If you are 45 or older, your chances of migration via the skilled migration program are very low and you should not focus on that. 

But, after reading the requirements, if you think you have a chance of applying for the Investor or the Global Talent Visa programs, contact us and we can help you find a Visa pathway for you that will increase your chances of approval.

We also have a YouTube video about the age Limit to migrate to Australia: