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Victoria invited 170 people in August to apply for the Subclass 190 Permanent Skilled Visa, working across six different sectors.

They chose the best candidates in those sectors according to their criteria and while the majority of people invited were from the Health sector, 62 % of invitations were sent to candidates working in other sectors.

Check the numbers published by Victoria below:

Sector Points Test Score   Top occupations
Advanced Manufacturing 95 1. Mechanical Engineer
2. Engineering Technologist
3. Electrical Engineer
Agri-food  90 1. Food Technologist
2. Mechanical Engineer
3. Engineering Technologist
Health 90 1. Medical Practitioners NEC
2. Resident Medical Officer / Physiotherapist
3. Occupational Therapist
Life Sciences 95 1. Secondary School Teacher
2. Food Technologist
3. Chemical Engineer
Medical Research 90 1. Software Engineer
2. Biomedical Engineer / Industrial Engineer / Life Scientist NEC
New Energy, Emissions Reduction & Circular Economy  95 1. Electrical Engineer
2. Mechanical Engineer
3. Developer Programmer / Engineering Technologist

Subclass 491 ROIs are currently being assessed with the first group of invitations expected in September.

If you are living and working in Victoria, you may qualify for State Nomination. We are presenting a webinar on the topic on 06 of October. It is free to register and if we believe you qualify for a Victorian 190 Visa, we can assist you with an application. Register via this link here.

Regardless, we would love to be part of your Australian journey!