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Preparation and Lodgement of your Subclass 408 (COVID Pandemic) Visa

  • You must be in Australia at the time of application
  • You can include Spouses and under 18 Children
  • You must be working or intending to work in Australia.
  • You must have 90 days or less remaining on your current substantive visa,
  • You will have to organize health insurance for the period of the visa, be of good health and good character.

If approved, the visa will be valid for 12 months and it will have full work permission.

Please note that if once we receive your documents and information, we identify that you don’t qualify for the Subclass 408 COVID Pandemic Visa, a full refund of your fees will be made to you, with an explanation as to why you don’t qualify.
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How does it work?

By clicking here you will be taken to a PayPal page where you can purchase our service for AUD$660.00.

Once we receive your payment we will send you a contract with the terms and conditions of our service for you to read.

We will ask you for some documents so we can assess if you are eligible for this visa. If you are, we proceed with work, if you are not, we will provide you with a full refund.

If you qualify we will ask for some more documents, prepare and lodge the application for you.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Subclass 408 (COVID-19 Pandemic Stream) Visa?

The Subclass 408 (COVID-19 Pandemic Stream) Visa is a temporary visa that allows individuals to remain in Australia and work if they have a job offer or are currently employed in the country, in any occupation and field. This visa stream was initially created for people who were unable to leave Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic such as travel restrictions, but were not eligible for any other visa options. The visa then was utilised to keep people in the country who are participating in work relating to critical sectors (like healthcare, aged and disability care, agriculture, etc.) but since 2022 it has been utilised to try to help with the huge skills shortage in all areas that Australia has been experiencing. The visa is valid for up to 12 months and can be extended in certain circumstances.

Can a 408 Visa be extended?

Yes, a 408 Visa can be extended in certain circumstances and if the holder continues to meet the eligibility requirements. This includes demonstrating ongoing employment or a new job offer. It’s important to apply for an extension before your current visa expires to maintain your legal status.

Can I travel out of Australia and back into Australia when I have a 408 Visa?

Yes, but there are conditions. If you travel out of Australia while holding a 408 visa, you can return as long as your visa remains valid.

Can I work on a 408 Visa?

Yes, you will be granted full-time work permission for the duration of the visa, which in all cases will be 12 months.

Can I study on a 408 Visa?

Yes, you may be able to study on a 408 Visa. However, the primary purpose of this visa is for you to work and assist with the skills shortage so you must ensure that studying does not interfere with these duties. 

When will the 408 Visa end?

There isn’t a confirmed date for Subclass 408 (COVID-19 Pandemic Stream) Visa to end but as the pandemic has been officially declared as “over”  and the current government already hinted at, we believe this visa will end on the 1st July.

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186 visa australia

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