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Erica Carneiro

Co-Founder, Director and
Registered Migration Agent 0532487

Erica came to Australia in 1996 for a short holiday and fell in love with the country. After working with thousands of International Students and holding many visas in Australia herself (a 457 Sponsorship Visa, a Partner Visa and Permanent Residence in 2004), she knows first-hand what it is to dream of living in Australia. She founded Bravo Migration to make the dream come true to other people too. Erica has been a Registered Migration Agent since 2005, working in Sydney for various Law and Migration firms, including a role as Manager for the migration division at KPGM. She has helped thousands of clients get Australian visas. She loves speaking in public and her Migration Seminars are very popular. Erica considers Australia to be the best choice and decision she has ever made and her life work is ensuring others can have such choices too. Erica speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. She presents CPDs to other Registered Agents and is an Assessor at the entry-exam for the profession, the Capstone, with Legal Training Australia.

Michel Sulzbach

Co-Founder, Director and
Registered Migration Agent 0957975

Michel came to Australia in 2002 to study English in Brisbane while on a Student Visa. He later moved to Sydney and worked with International Students, which led him to pursue a career as a Migration Agent. Michel is from Brazil originally and applied for permanent residence, being now a citizen of Australia, Brazil and Germany. He worked for 3 years at a Migration Firm in Sydney before setting up Bravo Migration with Erica. Michel has a real passion for customer service and has a clientele of hundreds of satisfied clients who obtained their Australian visas thanks to him. He has a Bachelor in International Trade and has been a Registered Migration Agent since 2009. Australia is his home now and where he wants to live long term with his partner and his Australian-born son. Michel loves football, motorbikes, barbecues and travelling. He speaks English and Portuguese.

Roosewelt Sanfilippo

Senior Migration Consultant,
Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent 1464224

Roosewelt came to Australia in 2007 as an international student. Upon his arrival, he fell in love with the country which soon he would call home. Roosewelt completed a Diploma-in-Law at the University of Sydney in association with the Legal Profession Admission Board and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law of New South Wales. He was then admitted as an Australian Solicitor in 2014. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws from Brazil and has been admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB). As a result of his strong legal background, Roosewelt has developed great analytical and critical thinking which has enabled him to offer strategic solutions to his clients. He also understands that the immigration process can be challenging and it is often an emotional time for many visa applicants but his experience has allowed him to assist his clients in achieving their goals. Roosewelt speaks English and Portuguese. He also likes to try his luck at tennis courts in the Lower North Shore area of Sydney. Roosewelt is an assessor for the Capstone Exam, the entry exam for the Migration Agent profession.

Danniel Pereira

Principal Solicitor

Born in Sydney and the son of parents of Portuguese and Uruguayan background, Danniel is a first generation Australian with an avid interest in immigration law. Having previously worked in property, insolvency and commercial litigation law, Danniel found himself enjoying immigration law because of its human factor and his personal experience as a child of migrant parents.
He understands that visa applications and other immigration issues can be a source of stress for many applicants, however, his past experience as a customer service professional and his background in working at boutique immigration law firms allows him to assist clients in achieving their goals.
Danniel has returned to Bravo after undertaking a challenging but very rewarding short-term role overseas in which he provided legal assistance to asylum seekers detained offshore.
Danniel is passionate about good food and cooking and is always interested in hearing the latest news about the Australian hospitality industry. He speaks English. He is a presenter of CPDs to Registered Migration Agents, and an assessor for the Capstone Exam with Legal Training Australia.

Miguel Valderrama

Migration Consultant,
Registered Migration Agent 1387539

Miguel is an experienced Migration Agent, with almost 10 years of work experience. He has a Bachelor in Law from Peru and is registered as a lawyer in Perú with the Lima’s Bar Association (CAL). He came to Australia in 2017 to do a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management at La Trobe University, which was completed in December 2019. In 2013 he completed a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice at Victoria University, obtaining his registration the same year. Since 2013, Miguel has been working uninterruptedly in this field in firms in Sydney and Melbourne, where he is now based. Miguel has been practising Tae Kwon Do for some time and expects to obtain his black belt soon. Miguel speaks English and Spanish.

Tatiana Stephens

Migration Consultant,
Registered Migration Agent 1909446

Tatiana came to Australia in 2007 as an international student. Upon her arrival, she fell in love with the country and started her journey to achieving her citizenship. Tatiana holds a Bachelor of Laws from Brazil and has been admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB). Tatiana can relate to the emotional roller coaster clients go through during their immigration process. Tatiana speaks English and Portuguese. She also likes to read, go to the gym, and explore beaches and parks with her children in the Lower North Shore area of Sydney.

Pritha Gurung

Migration Consultant, Solicitor
and Registered Migration Agent 2015767

Pritha is a Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent. Having practised solely in immigration law for over 4 years, Pritha has a wealth of knowledge and experience in wide range of matters involving Employer Sponsored visas, General Skilled Migration, Family Visas including complex cases such as serious character issues, health problems, AAT etc.
Having migrated to Australia from Nepal at the age of 12, Pritha has excellent cross-cultural understanding and is able to empathise and understand precisely what her clients need and want, then execute those instructions meticulously. She is a detailed and results-orientated person who will ensure to deliver you the best results possible.
She is fluent in English & Nepali

Michael Chudakov

Migration Consultant,
Registered Migration Agent 1800664

Michael Chudakov has a strong understanding of the Migration Act and the Migration Regulations which allows him to effectively resolve complex migration matters including visa refusals and cancellations. He is considered an expert in fields of General Skilled Migration, Temporary Work (Long and Short Stay) Visas, Partner Visas and Global Talent Visas.
Michael is fluent in English, Russian and Dutch.

Bruno Machado

Bravo Study – Operations Manager

Bruno has over 10 years of experience with International Education specialising in Australian academic placements and adivsory. He first came to Australia as an International Student himself so he deeply understands clients’ needs and goals. He has a Bachelor Degree in Design and speaks English and Portuguese. Bruno is based in our Adelaide office.

Luciana Rodrigues

Bravo Study – Senior Education Consultant

Luciana holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Advertising and worked in marketing for the IT industry for 7 years before moving to Australia, where she arrived in Sydney in 2015 as an international student to take a vocational course in business and never left. She has a loyal following on social media and in 2016 started working in the education sector helping other international students to move and study in Australia. She speaks Portuguese and English.

Vanessa Guimaraes

Bravo Study Brazil – Education Consultant

Vanessa is an experienced International Education and Travel Consultant. She is based in Brazil and can service our clients there in real time. She has a passion for international education and Australia in particular, and loves nothing more than helping hopeful students with their dream of studying in Australia. Having lived abroad herself, she understands how much of a life-changing experience studying abroad is and she’s ready to make it happen for you.

Jacqueline dos Santos

Case Manager – Solicitor

Jacqueline joined Bravo in 2022. She is a Solicitor and is currently completing the Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice at the University of Technology Sydney. While completing her Law degree she worked as a paralegal in family law. Jacqueline’s interest in immigration law started when her partner went through the Australian immigration process. Completing her practical legal training at an immigration law firm furthered her interest in this area of law. Jacqueline is from the Northern Beaches in Sydney and has also lived in Brazil for 7 years where she learnt to speak Portuguese as a second language.

Hina Ghanghro

Case Manager,
Registered Migration Agent 2217803

Hina arrived in Australia in 2006 on a student visa with her family but she soon decided that they wanted to stay in Australia for a longer time. Hina lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne with her family, which provides them with culturally diverse environment. She has lived in almost all big cities in Australia before relocating to Melbourne, including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast. She made the decision to study migration law in 2018 and had spent the previous two years working in Australian immigration. She likes helping immigrants because she believes she can relate with their struggles as she was once an immigrant. Hina Speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Seraiki, Sindhi, and Punjabi. She enjoys reading and travelling. She has joined Bravo Migration in July 2022 and is thoroughly enjoying her work.

Suelen Oliveira

Migration Assistant

Suelen Oliveira holds a Bachelor in Law and has 5 years of legal experience. She is originally from Brazil but has been calling Australia home for the last 8 years. She has experienced the Australian Migration process first-hand and cares for our clients processes too. She graduated with a Graduate Diploma of Australian Migration Law and Practice from the Griffith University in Queensland, and is pursuing her passion for the legal field at Bravo, with lots of motivation, commitment, and care, fitting right into our company’s values.

Andrea Biagi

Office Manager
& Executive Assistant to the Directors

Andrea has a Bachelor in Physiotherapy but changed careers when she joined Bravo and became our Accounts Manager in 2013. She came to Australia on a Student Visa in 2004 for a short period of time, but quickly knew she wanted to stay for the long run. Andrea loves where she lives, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, which provides her with a great lifestyle and the perfect picturesque scenes to keep her passion for photography going. She is from Sao Paulo originally but Sydney is her home now, where she enjoys working at Bravo and raising her Australian-born son with her partner. Andrea speaks English and Portuguese.

Regine Sanguenza

Customer and Sales Support

Regine has over 6 years of experience in Customer Service. To her, great customer service means following best practices like valuing the clients time, having a pleasant attitude, and being knowledgeable and resourceful. She strives to exceed — rather than just meet — our clients’ expectations. She loves to travel, cook and watch movies in her spare time. She loves working at Bravo and all the support and appreciation she receives from her colleagues. Regine speaks English and Filipino.
mpany’s values.

Jexcel Ruizo

Customer Service Officer

Jexcel has over 10 years of Customer Service experience and she values productive collaboration. She speaks English and Filipino. She enjoys visiting new places, including coffee shops, parks, and beaches. In August 2022, she started working with Bravo Migration as a Customer Service Officer, and she genuinely loves her job.

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